Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle

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Please note that we are currently on a three week lead time for race exercise saddles.

Specifically designed to reduce pressure on the horse’s musculature at gallop. Allowing the horse to strength and develop top line through training. Reducing pressures beneath the saddle allows the hind limb to come more under the horse, leading to an increase in stride length and power. 

  • Comes with buckleguards
  • Adjustable width. Can be fitted to even the widest or narrowest horse (and everything in between)
  • Comes fitted with a medium/black bar which will be suitable for most horses
  • 3.6kg/8lb
  • Panel design options to suit toplines of National Hunt and Flat horses
  • Knee pad options based on rider preference
  • Colour options for the piping around the front and back edge of the saddle



Scientific paper published on the Fairfax race exercise saddle

Fitting the Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle

Changing the gullet bar