Fairfax Race Close Contact Exercise Saddle


Piping colour

Specifically designed to reduce pressure on the horse’s musculature at gallop. Allowing the horse to strength and develop top line through training. Reducing pressures beneath the saddle allows the hind limb to come more under the horse, leading to an increase in stride length and power.

  • Comes with buckleguards
  • Adjustable width. Can be fitted to even the widest or narrowest horse (and everything in between)
  • Comes fitted with a medium/black bar which will be suitable for most horses
  • 3.6kg/8lb
  • Panel design options to suit toplines of National Hunt and Flat horses
  • Knee pad options based on rider preference
  • Colour options for the piping around the front and back edge of the saddle
Care & Use

Fairfax Race Saddle Care and Use Diagram


  • Area A - Use Rapide Leathergel on the flaps regularly
  • Area B - Apply leathergel if the leather gets wet or appears to have dried out
  • Area C - wipe clean with a damp cloth ONLY
  • Feed the girth straps regularly - We recommend Rapide Leathergel


  • Use leather oil, saddle soap or dubbin on this saddle
  • Apply any leather feeder (or anything except water) to area C

Introducing the Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle

The Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle is proven to relieve pressure on the horse's back, improving stride length and power.

How to

Fitting the Saddle

Watch the video for guidance on how to fit the Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle

Changing gullet bar

Fairfax Race Exercise Saddles have a changeable gullet bar that allows the saddle width to be adjusted to fit a variety of horses quickly and easily

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