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What makes Fairfax Saddles unique is that the benefits of our designs are thoroughly researched, independently tested and scientifically proven
  • The research teams consist of credible scientists
  • They use validated measuring systems that remove any doubt about the results (see testing method)
  • The data is analysed and interpreted independently, without bias. Fairfax is not involved
  • The studies are deemed ’sufficiently powered’. This means the sample size of horses and riders is adequate to produce conclusive results
  • Vets and scientists write scientific papers confirming the results which are closely examined by other experts to ensure the research stands up to scrutiny. These are then published in scientific journals (this is not the same as being published in a magazine - see scientifically proven)
  • Our research is regularly selected for presentation at the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Congress and the International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology. This world-wide recognition demonstrates the research is scientifically credible and valid
  • Fairfax's continued research and innovation has seen the company recognised with the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2018

Patent Protection

Our game-changing designs are protected by patents. A patent is granted by the Government to protect new and innovative products. It stops others copying the design or making or selling the invention as their own idea. It gives the inventor the right to take legal action against those who infringe the patent.

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Fairfax Performance Dressage Panel
GB Patent 2515079B
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Fairfax Performance Jump Panel
GB Patent 2505962B
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Fairfax Performance Girth
GB Patent 2488030
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Fairfax Performance Bridle
GB Patent: GB 2517150B,GB2544761 & 2540305B

Introducing the Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle

The Fairfax Race Exercise Saddle is proven to relieve pressure on the horse's back, improving stride length and power.

Introducing the Fairfax Race Exercise Girth

The Fairfax Race Exercise Girth is shaped to relieve pressure on key zones and is proven to improve stride length and power.

The Fairfax Race Bridle

Research identified the adverse affect of pressure around the TMJ area and the ear bulb, this design improves front and hindlimb range of movement.